Out of the Cold Emergency Shelter

Supplies Needed

Thank you so much for your interest in donating to Out of the Cold! The shelter would not be able to operate without the generosity of people like you! In order to best support the shelter, please read the donation information below.

On this page we list all items that we are currently in need of. Due to storage limitations, we restrict donations to items on our needs list. We cannot accept items which are not on the list (childrens clothes, summer clothes, houseware items.) Our needs list is updated weekly.
We ask that all clothing items be clean when donated.

Thank you so much for respecting these requests. We truly value your support.

If you have any questions about our needs, please contact Rebecca, the Shelter Coordinator. She can be reached by email at halifaxwintershelter@gmail.com and by phone at 902-329-2952. Donations can be dropped off at the cement door to the left of the St Matthews United Church -1479 Barrington St, Monday and Wednesday between 8:30am-5pm. If you need to arrange another time or have a large donation, please contact the shelter coordinator first. 
OTCS Needs List
***Please note that the shelter is a PEANUT-FREE space
We also CANNOT accept donations including mouthwash, aftershave, or hand sanitizer.***

Shelter Needs for 2018-19 Season (Last updated Feb 14)
-Men's & Women's Underwear
-Men's & Women's Winter Boots (all sizes)
-Waterproof Gloves
Hoodies & Sweatpants (all sizes)
-Reusable Bags & Backpacks
-Shaving Cream & Razors 
-Face Wash & Soap
-Face Cloths & Hand Towels
-Bus Tickets
$5 Gift Cards (Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Subway, A&W)
-Coffee (Decaf & Regular) & Sugar
 -Juice Boxes and Snacks (peanut free)
-Juice Crystals


~Thanks to generous donations, we are no longer in need of toothpaste/toothbrushes. Thank you!